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Tribeca Film Festival Announces Full Line-Up



Are you a night owl? The seven world premieres in the Midnight section of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival have the originality to keep you on the edge of your seat past the witching hour. Whether eclectic, eerie, or “I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened!”, the Midnight series offers world premieres that will keep you guessing. From a savage game of paintball to the unraveling of an urban legend to a babysitting job gone horribly wrong, these films push the boundaries of creativity and sometimes defy genre. Beyond the break you can see what genre films will be playing in New York from April 22-May 3.

Directed by Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio, written by Zeman
World Premiere, Documentary
Urban legends–we either dismiss them or accept that they have some grain of truth. Directors Zeman and Brancaccio attempt to uncover one such urban myth as they investigate five missing children and the real-life boogeyman linked to their disappearance in Staten Island during their youth. Will this terrifying journey resolve what has haunted them since childhood?

Directed and written by Ti West
World Premiere, Narrative
Set in the early ’80s on the night of a lunar eclipse (and all the more shocking for being “based on true unexplained events”), this simmering retro suspense thriller centers on a cash-strapped college girl who answers a babysitting ad only to gradually unravel the horrifying secret behind why she was truly hired. Featuring Jocelin Donahue, Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov, and Greta Gerwig.

Directed and written by Dan Fogler
World Premiere, Narrative
In this side-splitting horror send-up, a theater troupe takes a trip to a country cabin, but its nearby lake is full of lunar radiation, and one of the troupe members is straight-up crazy. Put them together and you get one psycho thespian! Full of bloody, fun-filled kills, a deaf-mute chick, and some big boobs, Hysterical Psycho is a helluva trip.

Directed by Daniel Benmayor, written by Mario Schoendorff
World Premiere, Narrative
Eight strangers convene in a remote forest for an expensive experts-only paintball retreat. They enter the game at full throttle, but already something’s not right. The rules have changed and more is at stake than they expected. This frenetic thriller is akin to a live-action videogame, but getting to Level 10 doesn’t seem to guarantee anything. In English.


Fear Me Not (Deb Du Frygter)

Directed by Kristian Levring, written by Anders Thomas Jensen and Levring
New York Premiere, Narrative
In this intensely chilling psychological thriller, a run-down middle-aged workaholic (Ulrich Thomsen) enrolls in a clinical trial for a new antidepressant without telling his family. When the trial is abandoned because of dangerous side effects, he continues to take the medication, triggering a hellish descent into madness. In Danish with English subtitles. An IFC Films release.

Directed by Michael Cuesta, written by Dave Callaham
World Premiere, Narrative
Inspired by the classic Edgar Allan Poe horror story, Michael Cuesta’s (L.I.E., Twelve and Holding) chilling tale follows Terry (Josh Lucas), a single father whose recently transplanted heart leads him on a frantic search to find the donor’s killer before he meets a similar fate. This unsettling psychological thriller features Lena Headey, Brian Cox and Dallas Roberts.


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