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Red Band Trailer For Josh Vargas’ ‘Sway’

We just learned that the red band trailer is now live (and available for viewing inside) for Josh Vargas’ Sway, which looks pretty f*cking crazy. Sway is a bizzare and disturbing tale of a pair of backwoods flesh peddlers, three sexually-sadistic serial killing brothers, and a family of religiously fanatical psychopaths who all get more than they bargain for when they all three target a young man suffering from schizophrenia who has more than a few skeletons in his closet.
SWAY stars Bill Ross, Bobby Haworth, Melanie Donihoo (CLOSET SPACE, SWEATSHOP), Ben Dugley, Jayson Champion, Travis Ammons, James Wetuski, Marcus Vasquez, Heather Westwood (SWEATSHOP, WIDE ASLEEP), Aaron Walden. Make-up FX were handled by Kristi Boul and Rancid House productions. Music details are handled by Tommy Malice (Hatestar), Justin Whitney (Church Ov Melkarth), and Josh Vargas.


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