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Tribeca ’09: ‘Hysterical Psycho’ Stills, Poster and Festival Trailer!

This year’s Tribeca Film Festival is thin when it comes to genre films, but alongside Ti West’s The House of the Devil, Dan Fogler’s Hysterical Psycho is said to be the one to watch. Today we got our hands on the official Tribeca one sheet, new stills and the final festival trailer, all of which can be found inside. In this side-splitting horror send-up, a theater troupe takes a trip to a country cabin, but its nearby lake is full of lunar radiation, and one of the troupe members is straight-up crazy. Put them together and you get one psycho thespian! Full of bloody, fun-filled kills, a deaf-mute chick, and some big boobs, Hysterical Psycho is a helluva trip.

Click the poster for all of the stills:



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