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Trailer Leak: Paramount’s ‘Case 39’ is Solved, Poster!!

Update: Check out the one sheet inside as well! After years of wondering what the hell the film is, today the trailer was discovered online for Christian Alvart’s long, long, long delayed Case 39, which stars Renee Zellweger, Sam Easton, Alexz Johnson, Alexa Karter, Chelan Simmons, Kirsten Storms and Alexis Thorpe. The film centers on an idealistic social worker (Zellweger) who saves an abused 10-year-old girl from her parents only to discover that things are not as they appear. There has to be so much dust on this sucker that it would send someone with allergies into coma. Check out the trailer beyond the break.
You can also watch it at BDTV:

Click the image for the full poster image over at Arrowinthehead:



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