Trailer and MySpace Launched for Interesting Anthology 'Dirty Love' - Bloody Disgusting!

Trailer and MySpace Launched for Interesting Anthology ‘Dirty Love’

Filmmaker Patricio Valladares dropped us a line to share with us the trailer for his latest feature, Dirty Love, which tells three tales of sex and violence presented by TORO LOCO, a blood thirsty, perverted killer cowboy seeking and killing people that starred in some exploitation movie. He is showing his victims the movies before torturing and killing them with a cow skull. The first story deals with two inspectors hunting a cannibal serial killer called “The Tiger”. The second is about a not-so-devoted husband interested in having a night of perverted sex with a whore in a motel room. The third is a tragical love story between a poor, little man oppressed by his wife and an handsome boy with self-destruction tendencies.
Check out the film’s official MySpace page:

DIRTY LOVE a film by Patricio Valladares from patovalla on Vimeo.