Roger Avary Directing 'Silent Hill 2'?! - Bloody Disgusting
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Roger Avary Directing ‘Silent Hill 2’?!



Some pretty huge news has been hiding in an interview with author Brett Easton Ellis for nearly a month now over at Chuck During the chat about The Informers, interviewer “Dennis” asks Ellis if Roger Avary is still attached to direct Glamorama. His reply is shocking. “He’s going to be shooting Silent Hill 2. As far as ‘Glamorama’, it’s just very hard to get the money to make it.” It’s never mentioned again, but that’s enough to get me excited. Roger Avary wrote the first Silent Hill, Pulp Fiction and directed the awesome Rules of Attraction. This news couldn’t be more exciting! Your thoughts? Where should they take the sequel if it ever gets off the ground?


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