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‘Final Destination 4’ To Take Up Less Marquee Space



The New Beverly is showing Friday the 13th‘s “Tommy Jarvis Saga” (parts 4-6) next month, so last night they were showing trailers for the films. And I was charmed to see how they actually EMBRACED their sequel status, with giant roman numerals reminding us how far they had come. Nowadays, studios like to drop the numbers (the Saw series is a welcome exception) in favor of subtitles, or in some cases, simply changing the grammatical structure. So now Final Destination 4, aka Final Destination: Death Trip 3D, will be curiously titled THE Final Destination, according to BoxOfficeMojo*. So what if there’s another? Do they start over and call it The Final Destination 2? Whatever it’s called, it’s still coming out on August 28th, where it will butt heads with the similarly titular challenged Halloween sequel.
In a related story, Adam Sandler/Kevin James/Chris Rock/Rob Schneider/David Spade Untitled Comedy has sadly been named Grown Ups, which is much less interesting to me.

*Where I was pleased to discover that the awesome Star Trek will outgross Wolverine, which has been out a week longer, by the end of the upcoming week at the latest.


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