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‘Scream 4’? Keep on Dreaming… ‘Scream’? Now We’re Talking!

While we broke the news way back in January that Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette were made offers to return in Scream 4, currently being penned by Kevin Williamson (Scream 2, Scream 3), It looks as if we were right about everything but one thing…. Entertainment Weekly confirms our breaking news adding that Williamson is instead scripting a reboot of the franchise for Dimension Films, instead of the third sequel. They also confirm the news that this begins a brand new trilogy. What they fail to mention is that Neve Campbell was also made an offer and that “this will be a younger version of the Scream movies,” as we previously reported. Old news, with a new twist. Scream remake. Shocking? Nope. Now talk…
Scream (1996)



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