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First Images from ‘The Collector’, Previously Known As ‘Midnight Man’

While we wait on the theatrical release info, Bloody-Disgusting just got their hands on the first ever stills from The Collector, which was previously known as “Midnight Man”. The extremely violent horror film was directed by Marcus Dunstan from a screenplay by Dunstan and partner in crime Patrick Melton, who have collaborated on the Feast trilogy, along with Saw IV-VI. The Collector centers on an ex-con who is in desperate need of money to pay off his ex-wife to prevent her from leaving town with their daughter. When he breaks into the country home of his wealthy employer in an effort to steal a valuable jewel, he realizes that his family has been abducted by a masked killer who has rigged the house with deadly traps.
Click the image below for all five of our exclusive pics, also check out Dread Central for some more.

The Collector



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