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Bousman Twitters as He Location Scouts For ‘Mother’s Day’

More Twitter news today as writer-director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II-IV, Repo!) has been updating the past few days from his location scout for his forthcoming remake of Mother’s Day, which is officially in pre-production. “ok location scouting was cool! for a minute! now on hour six! five more to go,” he writes, also teasing, “Up early to start location scouting… FIRST UP – we are going to go scout a $%$#^#$&> Wait, I can’t give you a spoiler THIS early!” Click here to keep up with his adventures. The original “Mother’s Day” revolved around three female friends who, while camping, run afoul of two brothers who engage in murder and rape to impress their deranged mother. The remake sees the villainous family return to the house where they grew up and terrorize the new owners and their guests.



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