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First Photos, Talk on ‘Won Ton Baby!’

This evening writer-director James Morgart dropped us a line about his forthcoming horror effort, Won Ton Baby!, which follows a former brothel owner who struggles to protect her family from a parasitic twin. Beyong the break you can check out some exclusive stills and read what Morgart has to say about the film starring Debbie Rochon, Lou Martini, Suzi Lorraine, Harry Terjanian and Gunnar Hansen.
“Fun” would be an understatement for the film’s plot,” Morgart tells Bloody-Disgusting. “I grew up in the 80’s on films like the NOES series and of course, the Evil Dead trilogy, so combine that sort of twisted creativity with my love for the satiric shock value humor like South Park, Ben Stiller, and most recently, Judd Apatow, you get a sense as to where I was looking to take this film. In fact, about halfway through filming, we came to the realization that the only part of the movie that wouldn’t be rated-R is the first sixty seconds.

When Suzi (Lorraine) came to me with the initial foundation for the story, we were on the same page immediately as we decided that what made our favorite horror films from the 80’s was the originality of how each director played with the tropes of genre,” he continues talking about the influence of some of the genres greatest directors and their ‘infamous’ moments. “So just as an example, in both Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator and Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, sexuality of horror is addressed in Gordon’s infamous “giving head” scene and Raimi’s “tree rape” scene, so we wanted to both tip our hat to the brilliance of those directors while also adding our own spin by having the baby use his umbilical cord during a sex scene (except we give the little guy a harder time with his performance than Dr. Hill or the tree had). It wound up being an wonderfully funny scene thanks to the bravery of the actress Kiran Malhotra and the brilliant one-liners thought up by the NYC stand-up comic Hal Terjanian – who supplies the voice of Won Ton Baby.

Talking about the genre vets who lead the cast, “Gunnar, Debbie, and Suzi are all veterans of horror – even Lou is starting to gain a lot of exposure in the horror underground – so they were all a perfect fit for what Suzi and I wanted to do with the project. And being that Debbie is the main star of the film, she was on the set virtually everyday of filming, which wound up serving as a huge asset to the production. The gore team was headed up by veteran Ingrid Okola whose work never stops impressing me and clearly resonates a Fulci influence.



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