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The Chair of Death in ‘The Collector’ Clip!

Freestyle Releasing has provided Bloody-Disgusting with an exclusive clip from The Collector, which arrives in theaters July 31. Directed by Marcus Dunstan from a script he wrote with Patrick Melton (Saw IV-VII, Feast I-III), the clip features the discovery of a certain someone chained to a chair. The slasher follows the story of handyman and ex-con Arkin, who aims to repay a debt to his ex-wife by robbing his new employer’s country home. Unfortunately for Arkin, a far worse enemy has already laid claim to the property – and the family. As the seconds tick down to midnight, Arkin becomes a reluctant hero trapped by a masked “Collector” in a maze of lethal invention – the Spanish Inquisition as imagined by Rube Goldberg – while trying to rescue the very family he came to rob.
See it for FREE this week at the San Diego Comic Con (info here)
See it for FREE in Orlando, FL (info here)

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