Infected Band Of The Week: Let's Head To San Jose To Check Out Flesh Weapon - Bloody Disgusting
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Infected Band Of The Week: Let’s Head To San Jose To Check Out Flesh Weapon



Time for another Infected Band of the Week, where we get the info on an Infected user’s music project. This week brings San Jose, California’s Flesh Weapon to the spotlight. Mixing horror samples with hip-hop, these guys definitely bring their love of the horror genre into their music! Check out all the info after the jump!


1) What’s your name, your Infected name and your role in the band? 
Jason Franks aka NoS LeRatZ (leratz); Vocalist / APC40 / Keyboards / Producer
2) What is your band name and where did it come from? 
Flesh Weapon – We had a running list of ideas for band names and we noticed that ‘Flesh’ and ‘Weapon’ were recurring words on the list. Late one night (or early morning) we got to discussing each person’s potential to be a weapon in their own right.  
The idea of a Flesh Weapon is broad:  it could be your fist, or it could your brain.  Without question the name sparks controversy and is very tongue in cheek.  We like seeing the expression on people’s faces when we tell them who we are.  Obviously the music and meaning are much deeper than that, however.
3) Where are you guys from? 
San Jose, CA.
4) Who are the other members and what are their roles? 
Paul Dommert aka Paulie Gone; Vocalist / MPD18 / Keyboards / Producer
Todd Graham aka Toad; Vocalist / Guitars
5) How would you describe your music? 
An amalgamation of every sound we have ever heard as well as some that we have not.  Our music spans a wide spectrum of emotion while staying focused on the human experience.  We blend organic instrumentation with found sound to create a multi-timbred sonic landscape.  The end result is akin to a horror film: draw the listener in, make them feel comfortable and then cue the suspense.
6) What are some bands that influence you? 
Nine Inch Nails, Cage Kennylz, The Prodigy, A Perfect Circle, Bassnectar, DJ Shadow, Aphex Twin, Dr. Dre, and Portishead.
7) What are some of your favorite horror movies? 
The Keep, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Evil Dead, I Spit On Your Grave, The Audition, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Night of the Living Dead, Salem’s Lot, Poltergeist, In the Mouth of Madness, Alien, (this list could go on forever).
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