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‘Slave’ Arrives on DVD in UK, US Soon

Beyond the break you’ll find the final trailer for SLAVE, which is out in the UK as from tomorrow and available online at, and as well as all stores. It should be out in the US next month. Filmed in Spain, the pic stars Malthe, Sam Page, David Gant, Michael Maxwell and Howard Marks, who are all working from a script written by Brett Goldstein.
American sweethearts Georgie and David travel to Spain seeking the wedding blessing of David’s estranged and criminal father. Invited to stay at his palatial villa, they find themselves entering a world of wealth and danger beyond their wildest dreams.

When David’s father is away on ‘business’ they head out for a night on the town where they meet seedy nightclub manager Marlon. He offers his new friends the VIP treatment, providing champagne and drugs. Caught up in the hedonistic atmosphere, David leaves Georgie alone for a moment. When he returns, she has vanished without trace, or a single witness. Now David must wade through corrupt local officials, drug dealers and crazy locals to find her, but is he ready to discover the truth?



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