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BD Review: ‘Halloween II’ Problematic, Yet Intensely Entertaining

Last night I caught a midnight screening of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, a film that’s just as entertaining a second time around, and who knows, maybe I’ll even see it again? “Being in my shoes isn’t easy as technically H2 is loaded with problems, and yet, I had a great time in the theater. In fact, I might even go see it AGAIN in theaters. This speaks to volumes as I rarely (and I mean rarely) see a movie twice. There’s just something about HALLOWEEN II that’s peculiar, odd and even intriguing. Maybe it’s the fact that Zombie made HIS movie instead of OUR movie, or maybe it’s the sheer simplicity and brutality of it all, but in the end I think hardcore horror fans will enjoy this …” Click the title above for the full review and don’t forget to write your own review of the film to tell all of BD what YOU thought. You can read BC’s thoughts on the film over at his site Horror Movie a Day.



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