Original Pitch Trailer for 'The Hills Run Red' - Bloody Disgusting!

Original Pitch Trailer for ‘The Hills Run Red’

Are you excited for Warner Premiere’s The Hills Run Red, their latest direct-to-disc slasher film arriving on DVD Tuesday? You should be, ’cause it’s a pretty damn good time. Before you pick up the disc on Tuesday, why not take a peak below at the original pitch trailer for the film that was directed by Dave Parker. This is something all of you aspiring filmmakers should really pay attention to. The story centers on a film fanatic whose obsession with finding a complete print of an infamous slasher movie leads him and two friends into the backwoods where the film was shot. They realize too late that filming never ended — and now they must survive a nightmarish onslaught or become part of the movie forever.
Watch 6 clips for the film as well.