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First Clip From Dark Sky’s ‘Vampire Party’, DVD Date!

Hollywood may have “Twilight” and “True Blood,” but it doesn’t have a monopoly on sexy vampire tales. The French add a certain je ne sais quoi to the genre in Vampire Party, a bitingly funny yet shocking thriller from impressive first-time directors Stephen Cafiero and Vincent Lobelle. Dark Sky Films will release Vampire Party on DVD on November 17 and we’ve got your exclusive first ever clip from the film below!
Best friends Sam, Alice and Prune have scored a highly coveted invitation to “Medici Night,” a legendary and notorious VIP bash held every year at a remote castle that’s said to be haunted. These three hardcore partiers are looking forward to a night of debauchery, but they’re in for more than they can handle: the wild party is hosted by an elite race of lusty vampires, led by the mysterious Le Duc de Journiac (Tcheky Karyo). The bloodthirsty Journiac has some tasty plans for his three young guests, who quickly discover that they’re short of such tried and true vampire deterrents as garlic, crosses and wooden stakes, and must instead improvise some highly unorthodox and hilariously gruesome methods if they’re to make it out from this sanguinary soiree alive.

Patrick Mille (“My Father the Hero”), Frederique Bel (“Shall We Kiss?”) and Julie Fournier (“Mr. Bean’s Holiday”) join international screen stars Tcheky Karyo (“The Patriot,” “Bad Boys,” “GoldenEye”) and Stephane Freiss (“Munich”) in this witty, grisly and irreverent take on the vampire shocker, the Gallic answer to “Shaun of the Dead.”

In addition to its striking visual artistry, VAMPIRE PARTY boasts a killer soundtrack featuring music by Eagles of Death Metal, Goldfrapp, The Magic Numbers, Benjamin Diamond, Scratch Massive, Ghostcat and more.

Dutch trailer below (no subtitles)



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