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Wait, Wait, ‘Paranormal’ Made $7m This Weekend?

We’ve been doing this for nine years now and I have never, and I mean NEVER seen anything like this. Like the movie or not, Paranormal Activity is something special. We’ve been behind the hype for films like Saw, Cabin Fever, The Ring, among other game changers, but this has my mind blown. We’ve seen hype before, but never like this, and apparently, it’s working. After a few weeks of sold out midnight screenings, Paramount Pictures’ $11k indie haunt film has pulled in an estimates $7 MILLION over the course of its full limited release this past weekend. What will happen when this goes wide on Friday? Will we have another Blair Witch on our hands? It looks highly possible and it’s all because of you. Like it or not, cherish this moment, you guys pushed a little indie film through the cracks and left big Hollywood scratching their heads. Editor’s Note: When you finally see this, tell the theater owner to crank up the volume!



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