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DVD Review: ‘Hardware’ and ‘The Stepfather’

Tim Anderson (Tex) has added brand new reviews for two must-get DVD/Blu-ray releases. Arriving in stores on October 13 is Shout! Factory’s original The Stepfather, “The Stepfather is a scary film, because it’s really based in a world most people walk around in everyday–suburbia.” Also arriving this Tuesday on both DVD and Blu-ray from Severin Films is the classic Hardware. “Hardware is what you might call a cyber-punk-rock-movie. But, when it was released in 1990 it was billed as more of a heavy metal horror movie. And despite the presence of Motorhead’s Lemmy in the film (in a brilliant scene where while driving a cab he informs his passengers that the band playing on the radio is great….it’s his band) Hardware is nowhere near the Shock ‘Em Dead, Rock ‘n Roll Nightmares of the late 80’s and much closer to the “fuck the world” esthetic of Johnny Rotten and the boys.” Click either title above for the full review.



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