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Filmax Begins Lensing ‘Pet’, DP Gets First Directing Gig



Bloody Disgusting learned that filming has begun on Filmax’s latest thriller, Pet, which is the debut of Xavi Gimenez, a long time director of photography for the Spanish studio. Being produced by Julio Fernandez (Exorcismus, REC, REC 2, Paintball, KM 31, among many others), beyond the break you can read all about this project that turns man into abused animal.
PETS delivers an intense world of Fran, a rebellious teenager who lives on the edge all facets of his life, his relationship with his friends and his love of Núria. When friends betray him, his world falls apart and the relationship with his father, Luis, is unbearable vueve: Fran does not support it and Louis is desperate. Because Fran’s misconduct, getting worse, his father put him in a rehabilitation center based on a psychological method cruel and inhumane. Fran is subjected to all kinds of humiliation and punishment. Only your intelligence and rebelliousness will get to keep sane Fran not to become a pet.

Xavi Gimenez is one of the most acclaimed directors of photography both inside and outside the country. His long career began with The Nameless, a film directed by Jaume Balagueró and work for which he received the Award for Best Photography at the Sitges Film Festival. She has subsequently worked on numerous productions, national and international. Darkness, Intacto, The Machinist, Mortadella and Philemon, The Way of the English, Transsiberian and Agora are some titles to his name.

Tranquility Valley is his first credit as director, a project born of deep respect and mutual admiration between Gimenez and Filmax.

As for the technical team, signed script Saballs Pere. In front of the Director of Photography is Sergi Bartrolí (The Inhabitant Uncertain, “Balls”) and Sylvia Steinbrecht (The Machinist, The Perfume, Darkness) is responsible for Art Direction.

Assembly is responsible Bernat Vilaplana (La Monja, El laberinto del fauno, Hellboy2).

Shooting will take place at several locations in Barcelona and will run for 7 weeks.


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