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BD State of the Union Address, Community Updates and Your Questions Answered

We’re about to hit 80,000 registered members here at BD and I figured it was about time to start some sort of community update post. We started this site 8 years ago and freaked out when we hit 100 members in the message board, now we get around a million readers a month and it’s near impossible to answer all of the emails I get every day. We’re cooking up ways to bring more user content like reviews and blogs to the forefront and really want to make sure everyone gets to have their voice heard. As lame as this post probably sounds, we wanted to start these community updates with a thanks to all of our members and hear what you guys want us to talk about. This round we’ll really just get an idea for how you think we can improve the community and go from there.
Next installment I’ll start hitting the questions I get every day like “How do I upload an avatar” and “Why can’t I post in the forums”, but for now let’s hear your community questions and comments.

Is there content that’s hard to navigate?

Do you hate the way the comments are laid out?

Wish there was something else you could do or comment on?

Get totally lost when you enter the forums?



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