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Horror In Your House Soaks in the Post-Halloween Depression

The worst part of every year is the week following Halloween. Not only am I depressed and dwelling on the fact that I’m going to have to wait 365 days to rock a new costume, but the DVD/Blu-ray releases hit bare minimum. This holds true for November 3, 2009, a date that should be banished to the depths of hell for wasting my time. Check out what arrives in stores tomorrow.

Horror in your House
November 3, 2009


Robert is driving with two friends to his hometown where his grandfather’s mansion is. At a gas station, he unexpectedly meets his former love Marlene. He invites her and her girlfriend to the mansion for a dinner-party. The small group enjoy the evening with drinks. Suddenly a man comes out of the forest – apparently he is infected with a bird-flu virus. But he is not the only one, more infected people approach the house. The friends barricaded against the dangerous force, but one of them is infected too…

BLOODY BEACH: Pathfinder

One summer day, eight members of an internet chatters club, decide to go on a vacation, to the beach. Soon they are stalked and viciously killed by the killer called Sandmanz. Bloody Beachis a teen slasher flick in the vein of the Scream trilogy and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

CONTAGIO: This Is Not A Dream Productions

Calvin and Iris’s dream vacation turns into a nightmare when a satellite the government claimed to have destroyed crashes near their campsite and releases a deadly toxic cloud.


Lisa Vidal of ER delivers a stunning performance as Deborah Martin, a former photographer turned stay-at-home mom who moves her family into a strange old house filled with cut-glass windows and mirrors. But when Deborah begins seeing chilling visions within the reflections, she will become obsessed with trying to capture the truth behind the house s dark secret. Has Deborah accidentally discovered an alternate reality that unleashes a homicidal evil, or is she trapped within the terrifying recesses of the female mind?

DEATH OF EVIL: Amadeus Pictures

When David Thunder was a child. his Native American grandmother assured him the serpents in his dreams could be cast out by the Great Spirit. David grows up to become a blue collar worker. Out one night, he falls in love with aristocrat Julieta Asher. David doesn’t realize Julieta belongs to a generational Satanic family. David falls for her deep spiritual darkness. Julieta tries everything, sexually and within her witchcraft powers, to bring David to the side of the wicked. Under her spell David battles through his dreams, the streets of Europe, and the family henchman before he realizes she is the victim of a sinister form of brainwashing. When David learns Julieta is pregnant with his daughter Petra, he battles every demon and dark force on the planet to save his child’s live.


Teenager James Greville has lived in children s homes for nearly nine years: ever since his parents died when he was six years old. So it comes as a shock to find that a distant family member has traced him, and invited him to his home. So begins James trial two-week holiday at his Great Uncle s country manor: Greville Lodge. James spends most of his time alone exploring the sprawling Greville Lodge and soon discovers that the Lodge has many secrets, including doors to the west wing which have been sealed shut. Once night James wakes up to find himself in front of one of the doors and this time it opens! Through the doors, the mysteries of Greville Lodge are revealed.

GRAVESTONED: Filmfrog Productions

Shark and Coltrane, two out-of-work pot farmers, desperately want to break into the movie business. They receive the task of acquiring a prop arm for an upcoming film shoot. Not knowing any better, they chainsaw a cadaver’s arm off. Now they have to survive the night in the graveyard with a cadaver zombie that wants his arm back. Pot-smoking gravediggers, a movie goddess, an obsessed movie mogul, hot cheerleaders (or are they exotic dancers?), a redneck and a Scottish Terrier are all here in this over-the-top comedy horror film for stoners.

THE LEGEND OF VIPERS HILL: New Blood Entertainment

This psychological horror tells the story of Meredith Baron, a 30 something woman returning home to close the book on a dark chapter in her family tree. Years ago Meredith’s mother, Rosie, was attacked and raped by Theodore Brick. After giving birth to a stillborn child Rosie took her own life. Since that day a curse hung over the Baron home in the small community of Vipers Hill. Looking to make a fresh start Cedric Plume moved his family into the empty house. Soon after he murdered his wife and children before placing the barrel of a shot gun in his own mouth. Years later upcoming business woman Michelle King thought the picturesque home was to die for. Her last thought before opening her jugular with a carving knife was how right she was. Today investigative reporter Jackie Coulter learns that Rosie’s only surviving ancestor, Meredith is, along with the family lawyer Larry Cline, is returning to the family home to try and put to rest the legend of Vipers Hill. Meredith, Jackie, Larry, and local handyman Clifford learn that something’s do go bump in the night.

MUTANTS: North American Motion Pictures

A scientist creates a sugar additive in hopes it will become the most addictive substance in the world unknowingly unleashing a bio-terror outbreak that mutates its victims into murderous creatures hell-bent on destruction.


Following the unexpected suicide of her mother, Angela finds comfort in her new friendship with Brian. One day she receives a terrifying package containing a voyeuristic tape. The tape chronicles her mother’s final days and reveals that someone had been following…watching…stalking her. As the death toll around town rises, it becomes clear that this is no mere coincidence. The deaths were thought to be suicides, but the truth is far worse.


It has been a year since the incident that many people have been calling “The Pig Witch” and Sikora is still struggling with what happened that night. A video of Sikora documenting and discovering a pig-like creature that apparently attacked him and his friends has been spread across the internet, some call it a hoax, some don’t know what to believe. Sikora’s friends were never found; he faced criminal charges and an onslaught of negative press sending him deep into solitude. After being approached by a mysterious woman he must now make a choice and one wrong move will bring back his worst fears.

SAND SERPENTS: RHI Entertainment/ Genius

A U.S. infantry squad in the remote deserts of Afghanistan discovers that insurgents aren’t their biggest threat. After a series of explosions shatter the surface, a mass of giant prehistoric worms emerge. Soliciting the help of an Afghani refugee, the squad’s only chance to survive is to descend through the underground tunnels, where a new–and much slimier–war is about to be fought.

STRAGGLERS: Brain Damage

Dr. Elaine Krauss leads a group of research scientists deep into the mountains to investigate a series of supernatural phenomena. But while exploring, they stumble across the aftermath of a brutal, bloody massacre. The lone survivor, a man named Mark Locke, is mentally traumatized and claims to have no memory of what happened. Hoping to uncover the truth, Dr. Krauss puts Mark under hypnosis and forces him to relive the previous few days. While Mark suffers through the memories, it becomes obvious that whatever attacked him before is still out there…and Dr. Krauss s team has attracted its attention. Soon, a strange, other-worldly battle is underway, where the past and present collide and nothing is what it seems.

VAMPIRO: Amadeus Pictures

East Los Angeles has its nights filled with blood and darkness as Vampiros from a distant dimension are on the loose. Blanca, a Mexican American girl, is being chased by Sexicana, a very hot Vampira who wants nothing more than to kill Blanca for sexual pleasure. One night Blanca meets Casanova Vladimires who falls in love with her and becomes her protector. During Blanca`s stay with Casanova, he teaches her all the secrets of the evil Vampiros and how they want to destroy Casanova because he is half human and has the ability to procreate, which would ruin the pure DNA of the Vampiro line. Blanca helps Casanova fight off the evil Vampiros not knowing that Casanova has kept a secret from Blanca.



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