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AFM ’09: Get High, ‘Comedown’ Hard

One of my favorite parts of the American Film Market is discovering all of the hidden gems hiding within the event. One of the cooler looking films going into production is Menhaj Huda’s Comedown, from AV- Pictures. The urban horror film stars Martin Compston and Geoff Bell and promises quite a comedown after your high. You can check out the sales art and synopsis below.
Mercy Point, a high-rise tower block conceived and built in the sixties, condemned in the nineties. Abandoned by all, it is now home to a brooding malevolence, and what resides within its empty floors is truly terrifying.

LLOYD, a young man in his early 20’s, is facing the reality of fatherhood, determined to rise above the pervading knife culture and bleak environment he calls home. He’s back after time away in jail, reunited with the crew he left behind: GARY – pyromaniac joker of the pack, JASON – Lloyd’s Alpha male rival, COL – Jason’s slow-witted lackey with a crush on; KELLY – boisterous and text obsessed, joined at the hip to; YASMINE – Lloyd’s pregnant girlfriend.

Jason receives a call from pirate radio station Skank, broadcasts have been severely disrupted by the loss of one of its relay aerial transmitters. There’s a cash incentive and free drugs in return for erecting a new transmitter and the perfect high-rise location looms overhead – Mercy Point.

Loaded with aerial transmitter, narcotics and alcohol, and using their mobile phones as torches, the crew venture into Mercy Point. Once inside and up on the 20th floor, they begin to fight, fall out and fracture. Setting up the aerial, tuned to ‘Skank Radio’, Jason, Gary , Col and Kelly try to salvage the evening. Booze is downed, grass is smoked and pills are popped. Lloyd declines the drugs, but that doesn’t stop Jason spiking his drink.

Events take a terrifying twist when Yasmine is snatched from the roof. Realising their friend has disappeared, yet at odds with each other, the frightened youths search the dark, eerily hollow interior of the tower. Doors bolted, stairways obstructed, lift now inoperable, they find themselves trapped in a hazardous, concrete labyrinth and when the pills kick in – the real terror begins. As the crew begin tripping out in the darkness, someone is exacting their own psychotic revenge, intent on ensuring the kids never come down alive.

A deranged tenant, living a solitary existence, is on a mission to eradicate what he sees as vermin invading his home. And just like rats the kids can run, they can hide, but no one knows this tower like this tenant.

In order to survive the terror, this tough gang of youngsters must put their differences aside if they are to overcome their relentless adversary, or find themselves condemned to a high-rise hell.

Comedown is a terrifying teen horror, real kids’ relationships in the midst of truly tripped-out horror and tension. The raw teenage angst of KiDULTHOOD grows up to meet the all-too-real terror of Wolf Creek .



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