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AFM ’09: ‘Stake Land’ Art, Stills and Synopsis

Danielle Harris has come a long way since starring in Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake as the young star is not only tearing it up with a handful of projects, but she has also become a horror household name. Next up is Stake Land, a new vamp pic co-written and directed by Jim Mickle (Mulberry Street). Beyond the break you’ll find the AFM sales art, along with first stills and a monster synopsis. This is definitely one to keep your eyes on.
The film takes place following a global spread of vampirism. McGillis plays a nun who joins a small team of survivors (including Damici, Danielle Harris of “Halloween” and “Halloween 2” and Conor Paolo of “Gossip Girl”) as they make a treacherous journey north to safety through the war-torn U.S. McGillis’ character, “Sister,” faces a crisis of faith during the vampire bloodshed, ultimately taking up arms to do battle with her newly formed family unit.



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