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’30 Days of Night’ Set Visit: ‘Ginger Snaps’ Star Katherine Isabelle Joins Cast!



This past week Bloody Disgusting’s Evan Katz headed up north to Vancouver to check out the set of Sony Stage 6’s 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, which is currently being directed by Ben Ketai. Beyond the break you’ll find a little teaser from set, which reveals some brand new casting including Ginger Snaps star Katherine Isabelle!
My time on the set of 30 Days of Night (Dark Days) was short, but definitely left an impression. The movie’s currently being filmed at TERMINAL CITY, a very impressive set which used to be a functioning foundry. The very textures of the buildings and neon signs reminded me strongly of the comic itself. Just from the look of the production design, I can tell that Ben Ketai has already done a fantastic job capturing the atmosphere and tone of the series.

While I’d already known about the casting of Kiele Sanchez, Mia Kirschner, Rhys Coiro, Diora Baird, Harold Perrineau, Troy Ruptash, Jackson Berlin, John De Santis, and Marco Sorian… I was pleasantly surprised to find Katherine Isabelle of GINGER SNAPS fame was has a role in the film. I can’t give away too much, but her scene involved a skimpy blue nightgown, fifty degree weather, and a highly unorthodox vampiric initiation ritual. Really screwed up, intense stuff.

One of the producers, J.R. Young, tells me that the style of this entry is slightly different. “While the last one was almost sort of a western… Ben’s approaching this one like a war film.

Seeing the footage he’s shooting I can get that. There’s a violent, gritty immediacy to the scene that we’re shown; the location definitely has a war-torn vibe to it.

By the end of my set visit, I learned a quite bit more about the vampire language, “vampiric”, the best way to tear out a human throat… and why everything just seems nicer in Vancouver… even its crack infested ghettos. Definitely more to come!”


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