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AFM ’09: H.P. Lovecraftian Creature Takes Flight in ‘Altitude’ Teaser!

Are you ready for some serious H.P. Lovecraftian goodness? Beyond the break you’ll find the temp trailer to the new science fiction thriller Altitude starring Jessica Lowndes (“90210”), Julianna Guill (Friday the 13th, My Super Psycho Sweet 16) and directed by comic book sensation Kaare Andrews. Stick with it until the final shot! It should be noted that the VFX are unfinished, yet still astounding. This was a promo piece for AFM and is not the formal, finished trailer. Lost in a mysterious cloudbank, a rookie pilot and her four teenage friends must contend with a freak mechanical failure that first sends their small plane climbing to an impossible height, and then plummeting through endless mist. After regaining control, the survivors are confronted with a horrifying realization – the very ground beneath them has vanished and a malevolent force lurking in the clouds wants them dead.



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