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Famous Japanese Curse Brings on ‘Paranormal Effect’

Simius Films is proud to introduce you our first production, Paranormal Effect, the supernatural feature film about one of the most famous Japanese curse! Visiting her native Japan with her American boyfriend Darren, Reiko is disappointed to see him spend most of his time filming local stereotypes. Already upset, Reiko draws the line when Darren walks into a forbidden cave, which, according to local beliefs, enshrines shinto gods since the dawn of time. From then, Reiko and Darren start witnessing strange things happening around them, some of which they manage to catch on camera. Will they have time to understand what is upon them before it is too late? Found and edited by the 2 japanese producers Ryuichi Asano and Teruo Ito, the video footage will be brought to the world on VOD and Video distribution on January 2010!



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