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Trailer, Website Launched for ‘Joe Dante Presents: Trail of Blood’

First reported here on Bloody Disgusting last year was Joe Dante Presents: Trail of Blood, which was directed by Justin Guerrieri and Joseph Guerrieri. Since then the film has been shot and it’s now currently in post-production. Below you’ll find the trailer and a link to the newly launched official website. Jim Lerner, a young Marine enlistee, is enjoying a camping trip deep in a California forest with a group of friends, when they realize they are lost. They encounter an war veteran, named Dallas, and his girlfriend, Chastity, who are on a sadistic killing spree. Dallas is determined to re-enact the horrors of war on his young victims. A maverick FBI agent is on the trail of the killers, but he may not make it in time. Jim decides he must protect his friends, and stand up to Dallas, but he may lose his soul in the process..
Visit the official website for first stills and more:



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