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Skulls, Fire, And Elephants Dominate The New Sebastian Bach Album Cover

Sebastian Bach is nothing if not extravagant, and the cover to his latest album, Kicking And Screaming, proves that. There are flames, skulls, elephants, a six-armed woman with knives, mountains, and more. How intense is that? Check it out, along with the track listing, after the jump.

Photo Courtesy: Clay Patrick McBride


Track list:
1.    Kicking & Screaming
2.    My Own Worst Enemy
3.    TunnelVision (featuring John 5)
4.    Dance On Your Grave
5.    Caught In A Dream
6.    As Long As I Got The Music
7.    I’m Alive
8.    Dirty Power
9.    Live The Life
10.  Dream Forever
11.  One Good Reason
12.  Lost In The Light
13.  Wishin’
Bonus tracks:
1.    Jumpin’ Off The Wagon – only available on the physical CD/DVD editions
2.    Ain’t There Yet – iTunes exclusive

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