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Interview with ‘The Descent: Part 2’ Director, Several New Clips!

To go along with our exclusive bloody clip below, we’ve added several new clips from The Descent: Part 2 that come courtesy of the film’s official website. In addition, we have just posted our exclusive one-on-one chat with Jon Harris, director of Pathe Films’ hotly anticipated sequel arriving in UK cinemas December 4 (this Friday you lucky, luck bastards!). The sequel will continue the story of Sarah, who as the only survivor of an all-female caving expedition gone horrifically wrong, suffers severe psychological trauma. Unable to speak, she accompanies a rescue team back to the cave, but events once again take a sinister turn. We’ll unlock the ID page for the film this Friday so you guys in the UK can write your own reviews. We hope to hear good thinks (please be good).
Be patient as all eight videos load…



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