Watch the Incredible Sundance Short Film 'Boob' Now! - Bloody Disgusting!

Watch the Incredible Sundance Short Film ‘Boob’ Now!

Something pretty exciting was discovered online today thanks to Twitch Film. Todd discovered that Honest’s short film Boob has been made available for viewing online! Official selection at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, along with SXSW, IFFB, NBFF, GEN ART, NYIFVF, PFF and more, you can watch it beyond the break. This is NOT work safe!. In the short a doctor performs an experimental procedure designed to remotely enhance a woman’s breast size… when an unfortunate surge of electricity brings her boob to life! Run, Boob, run!
Video courtesy of Honest. AGAIN: This is NOT work safe!

Some boob jobs are bad. Others are terrifying.