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New Webseries ‘Scream Queen Campfire’

On Halloween 2010 Jonathan Moody will be premiering his new webseries, Scream Queen Campfire, a new anthology series that will have 5 gorgeous Scream Queens telling 10 different horror related stories around a campfire. Each segment will have a scream queen in it. You will be able to check the site out when its ready at here. The webseries itself will be a making of the anthology series from creation to completion detailing as much as we possibly can. Already shot have been “Screwdriver” written and directed by Jonathan Moody and starring Rachel Grubb, Matt Francis, and Terry Jernigan and “The Closet” written by Jonathan Moody and Terry Jernigan, directed by Terry Jernigan, and starring Devanny Pinn, Jonathan Moody, Brittany Daniels, and the voice of Terry Jernigan. 8 more shorts are in the works but check out this facebook group for more up to date information.



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