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Ken Foree Returns for ‘Wrath of the Dead’ Sequel ‘Zone of the Dead’

Bloody Disgusting learned that actor Ken Foree, best known for his horror films, including the original Dawn of the Dead, Halloween, Devil’s Rejects and, is currently in talks with Talking Wolf Productions, Serbia , to reprise his role as Agent Mortimer Reyes from Zone of the Dead in the sequel entitled Wrath of the Dead. You can get all the juicy details inside.
In the original Zone of the Dead, Interpol Agent Reyes, played by Ken Foree is supervising a prisoner transport to Belgrade . Traveling through Pancevo they encounter an ecological disaster resulting in the infection of the locals. The only hope of survival is to work with the mysterious prisoner in his care.

Foree will be donning multiple hats for the production of Wrath of the Dead; writing with writer/directors Milan Konjevic and Milan Todorovic in developing the script and functioning as executive producer through his production company, E&B Holdings, LLC as well as starring in the feature.

Wrath of the Dead is set in a small town in East Quebec, where the chief of the police encounters an invasion of the walking dead. He calls his old friend, Mortimer Reyes, who dealt with a similar case in Serbia. However, they soon realize that a secret government agency is trying to cover up this incident and that even bigger threats than zombies are the agents that are eliminating every person who knows about the case, living or dead.

The producers are currently exploring locations with potential tax incentives while talking with investors. “We are looking forward to shooting in Montreal,” Ken Foree said, “but we are open to other cities.



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