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Trailer Debut and Release Announcement for ‘DOLOR: Chrissy’

After receiving widespread critical acclaim for “DOLOR: Lila | Book I”, author Rick Florino will release “DOLOR: Chrissy | Book II” February 11, marking the second in the series of ten illustrated mystery/horror novellas. A limited number of signed paperback copies of “DOLOR: Chrissy” will be available for $15 at, with digital downloads available for only $5. As an introduction to the series, Florino and his New American Deities production company also continue to offer the DOLOR: Lila download for free at Limited edition signed and numbered physical copies of Lila are also available for purchase. Anyways, beyond the break you can read more about Book II and also check out our exclusive look at the trailer!
With DOLOR: Chrissy, Florino–author of DOLOR: Lila | Book I, Do the Devil’s Work for Him, founder of Ruin Magazine and Editor of–expands his foray into his true passion: fiction writing and the horror genre. The text is exemplified by the bizarre, dark and dreamlike artwork of Kristel Lerman. Says Florino: “Chrissy has one of my favorite scenes in the whole series, because it’s so delightfully sick and twisted. Kristel’s artwork gave those moments a violent vibrancy that’s as undeniable and gorgeous as it is heartbreaking and horrific. She steeped every one of her drawings in blood, and the series shines even more because of it.

Here’s a short excerpt from Chrissy:

Rob is having a really bad day.

After getting stood up by a date, he leaves the Dolor Mall during a blizzard. As he’s walking into the storm, a car suddenly sideswipes him out of nowhere, speeding off and leaving him covered in blood. Awakening in the hospital, Rob finds out from Officer Caleb Taylor that he’s in way more trouble than he thought. However, things get really strange once Rob’s kidnapped from the hospital by someone too perfect and beautiful to trust…

There’s a certain evil that the story explores that’s very prevalent during Lila but much more understated,” Florino reveals. “The veil of what really is going on in Dolor begins to slowly lift with Chrissy. At the same time, Chrissy preserves the sardonic humor and social observations that made Lila strangely fun at all the right (and wrong) times. If Lila was about the horror of unrequited love and losing control, Chrissy’s concern is with loving the wrong one and how absolutely terrifying that can be. There’s something hypnotic about the horrific, and I’m just as entranced by it as my readers,” he concludes.

Fans can get a glimpse behind the scenes now through a special DOLOR: Chrissy video trailer below!



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