You Have 60 Seconds to 'Choose' Who Dies: Your Mom or Dad? - Bloody Disgusting!

You Have 60 Seconds to ‘Choose’ Who Dies: Your Mom or Dad?

Before heading off to Berlin BD scored a look at some early promo art for Robert Legato’s Choose, which stars Katheryn Winnick, Nicholas Tucci, Kevin Pollok, Bruce Dern, Talia Balsam, Cady Huffman and Richard Short. In the film Winnick (Amusement) stars as a journalism grad student who attempts to track down a vengeful killer (Tucci) with the help of her detective father (Pollak) and a shrink (Dern). Inspired by the look of SE7EN and the psychological tone of The Silence of Lambs, Choose is a suspense laden psycological thriller from Oscar winning FX guru Robert Legato. You’ll find the art and a more detailed synopsis below.
The peace and tranquility of an idyllic, suburban city is suddenly broken. Behind the picket fence and manicured lawn, teenage Sara awakens startled as a rush of cold air gently pushes her bedroom door open. Across the hall her parent’s bedroom door lies ajar. She calls for her parents-no response. She enters their bedroom and as her eyes adjust to the darkness she sees her parents on the bed hog-tied and gagged. Before she can react she is grabbed roughly by the hair and slammed against the wall. “Do what I say or you die” Scarlip tells her.

He turns over an expertly crafted hourglass filled with blood and coolly instructs her, “I’m going to kill your mother or your father. You have sixty seconds to decide which one.” She begs and pleads with him, but all Scarlip tells her is that if she doesn’t choose then both parents die. And this is just the opening sequence of the chilling horror Choose.