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‘Ratred’ Director Takes on Magic in ‘The Disappearing Act’

From the director of the forthcoming 3-D indie film Ratred comes The Disappearing Act, a new thriller that blends murder, resurrection and magic into one film (kinda reminds me of Clive Barker’s awesome Lord of Illusions). Directed by Tone Purzycki, you’ll find the full press release beyond the break.
On the run from the police after killing her husband, Diana Michaels winds up at the theater of the reclusive magician, Xanthus. But Xanthus is not as mild mannered as she thought. He uses Diana in a sinister ritual designed to bring the soul of his lost love, Aura, back from the dead. It seems to work, as her entire demeanor changes, but she can’t remember anything about their life together before her death.

In the meantime, a relentless detective is tracking Diana, and he will stop at nothing to bring her in. But will he find Diana? Or just an innocent lost soul inhabiting her body?

Mikrotone Concepts feature film `The Disappearing Act’ has the greenlight! The film being directed by Tone Purzycki & Frank G. Lawrence has added quite a few other production members this month, including Pixo Factor Entertainment, Director of Photography Trevor Tong, Emmy Award winning composer Michael Whalen, and Special Makeup Effects Artist Brian Wade.

The film stars Paul Molnar from the Batman fan film Patient J as The Magician Xanthus, as well as Lou Martini Jr. (The Sopranos) as Detective Mackleroy, and introducing Dennis Blackmen as Ian. The producers are currently putting out offers for the lead role of Diana Michaels. Production is slated to begin in June in Royal Oaks Michigan.



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