Wesley Snipes Wants in Fourth 'Blade', We Laugh - Bloody Disgusting!

Wesley Snipes Wants in Fourth ‘Blade’, We Laugh

A bit of non-news over at Arrowinthehead that offers up some food for thought. During a junket for Brooklyn’s Finest, Wesley Snipes told the site that there’s talk of a fourth Blade film and that he’s interested in doing it. Well, as previously reported on various occasions (most notably October 2007), the fourth Blade movie would be a REBOOT of the franchise, thus making it highly unlikely that Snipes would return. Plus, why would New Line work with Snipes again after allegedly attacking David Goyer on the set of Blade: Trinity (I never noticed what a dumb title that was)? At one point there was a rumor of a prequel, but the source was deemed unreliable.