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A Literal Bloodbath in ‘Deadfall Trail’ Clip, First Trailer

A new indie film came onto our radar this morning that immediately grabbed our attention. From director “Roze” comes Deadfall Trail, which takes us deep into the forest for some terror. While I’m not a huge fan of the below trailer, the clip (entitled “Bloodbath”) also provided definitely grabbed my attention. Don’t miss it! Check out the goodies below and then head on over to the film’s official website for stills and more.
John, Julian and Paul enter the Kaibab National Forest for a three-week survival trip and peyote vision quest. The only items they take with them are a knife, a bottle of water and a garbage bag each. A week into their journey a disastrous turn of events changes everything and the men are forced to ultimately confront the darkest corners of their morality and mortality. Battling the elements and each other, the quest becomes to make it out of the forest alive.



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