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Exclusive: Attack Attack! Share Their Top 10 Worst Ways To Be Murdered In A Movie!

Attack Attack! just released a deluxe reissue of their self-titled album (on iTunes) and are about to wrap up their headlining dates on the Vans Warped Tour. After that, the band is heading to South America for several tour dates. So while the guys are gone, they figured they’d impart some wisdom upon us by giving us their Top 10 Worst Ways To Be Murdered In A Movie. Personally, I’ve seen a few worse ways (how about Emil from Robocop? Yeesh), but I will admit that I would NEVER want to experience any of these deaths.
Check out our exclusive stream of ‘Criminal’ here and check out the list after the jump!

Attack Attack!‘s Top 10 Worst Ways to Be Murdered in a Movie
1. Falling into a pit of heroin needles and feces
2. Choking to death on a fart (preferably in a tank)
3. Getting your head stepped on by a elephant
4. Auto erotic Asphyxiation death (sorry Mr. Carradine)
5. Exploding gas truck
6. Chainsaw to the vagina or mangina or “naughty bits”
7. Getting speared by the flag of a communist nation
8. Covered head to toe in bees
9. Falling into a Sarlac pit
10. Getting toothpaste tubed by a steamroller
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