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Trailer, Poster for Teen Murder Thriller ‘Desert Son’



From James Mann and Brandon Nicholas comes Desert Son, a new thriller starring John Bain, Erica Curtis, Nathan Halliday, Bill Oberst, Elvis Winterbottom and Chana Wertlow.

Below you’ll find the trailer for Shoreline Entertainment’s film that exclaims, “Left for dead — you fight for life.

Phillip is abandoned in the desert by his stepfather. He is found unconscious days later by Lucy and Jack, two orphans who live in an abandoned mining town in the middle of nowhere. They bring Phillip back to health and quickly initiate him into their dangerous lifestyle. Together they embark on spree of increasingly risky and violent crimes committed in the name of survival. But the group unravels after a bloody murder weighs too heavily upon their conscience.

Check out the film’s official website:


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