Chloë Moretz on Different Spin on Vampires in 'Let Me In' - Bloody Disgusting
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Chloë Moretz on Different Spin on Vampires in ‘Let Me In’



Chloë Moretz, who plays Abby in Overture Films’ vampire drama Let Me In, recently chatted with Movieline about her role as the devilish vampire girl. In short, these vampires aren’t “cool”. “The character of Abby…I mean, usually a lot of movies glamorize being a vampire. It’s pretty, it’s cool, you look awesome! The way we did it was that it’s not cool to be a vampire,” she tells the site. “It’s a burden that she has to carry with her, not this fun, cool, interesting thing. It’s scary, deep, and dark, this devil inside of her. The vampire is different than Abby. It’s like her alternate personality, and when it takes her over, she has no control.” Being directed by Cloverfield‘s Matt Reeves, the Hammer Films co-production arrives in theaters October 1, 1010.


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