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A Horrific ‘Intervention’

Enjoy watching people receive an intervention on TV? Then get ready for a horror spin in Shannon Hile’s Intervention, a new indie production we scored a trailer and one sheet for. You can watch the teaser and check out a synopsis by reading below the poster.

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It’s been ages since Tom Garret has set eyes on his childhood home where he and his brother Mathew were raised – and it is here that young Tom witnessed an unspeakable horror. But Tom has resolved to push aside his troubled past after an anxious phone call from Matt’s wife, Abbey. Alcoholism has taken over the life of Matt Garret. He’s become obsessed, abusive and paranoid. An intervention is the only answer.

At first, the forceful intervention seems to be making headway. But as the night wears on, what appears to have been an obvious case of alcoholism reveals itself as demonic possession. A dark entity surfaces and methodically turns the group against each other, taunting them with their deepest secrets. Tom being the primary target.

THE INTERVENTION is a psychological/horror film that will challenge one’s faith in the true powers of good and evil. The mind has many doors and what you see may not be fact.



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