Blood-Soaked Trailer for Drive-In Terror in 'Werewolf Fever' - Bloody Disgusting!

Blood-Soaked Trailer for Drive-In Terror in ‘Werewolf Fever’

The official website has been launched for Brian Singleton’s Werewolf Fever, a film that begins when a werewolf attacks a fast food restaurant, terrorizing the employees.

The trailer found below features a good look into the film that rocks tons of blood and some really cool FX work. I’m looking forward to checking this out.

At the Kingburger Drive-In, the food is fast, the service is sexy, and the price is right. But tonight, terror is on the menu when the Kingburger’s cantankerous boss, Odi Buckmeyer, leaves the late shift employees to wait for Donnie the delivery driver. On his way back, Donnie is attacked by an unknown animal in the woods on an deserted road. Under the full moon, he transforms into a vicious creature of the night – descending from the darkness and back to the Kingburger! It’s babes, brawn and burgers versus fur, fangs and fury in this gory, action-packed monster thriller!