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Rubber Suit Monster in Horror Comedy ‘Little *ucker’

Ah, the Full Moon/Troma days. I miss ’em, which is why I feel a little love for Michael Muscal’s stoner comedy/horror feature Little *ucker, which features a funny little man-in-a-rubber-suit monster.

Scripted by debuting writer, Jonathon Miller, based on Justin Paul Ritter’s original concept, Little *ucker stars Mark Ellis and Maxx Maulion as Lloyd and Chuck, best of friends and hopeless stoners. They share an apartment and work together at an exterminating company.

While conducting their daily duties, these best buds discover a small ominous creature in a warehouse. After overcoming their initial fear, they embrace the lovable misfit and decide to bring him home. Chuck and Lloyd quickly learn that their little buddy is a true party animal who shares their deep love for weed. What they dont know is that the creatures need for weed keeps his savage instincts at bay!

Visit the official website and check out the trailer below.



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