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Lloyd Kaufman Painted As A Citizen Of Tromaville!



Remember a few days I posted a story about album artist Aaron Crawford painting his version of Toxie from The Toxic Avenger? Well, it turns out that Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman was so impressed and taken with Crawford’s version that Lloyd asked him to do the same thing to him! Well, Aaron put together such an awesome painting that Kaufman made it his official twitter picture. Talk about an honor!

Here’s a quote from Aaron: “After the silly painting I did of Melvin, I was asked by TROMA founder, and creator of The Toxic Avenger himself, Lloyd Kaufman, to create a monster version of him to hang in their office! So, I did! Meet, CITIZEN LLOYD! I am fanning out a little bit, since Lloyd has been behind some of the funniest, most brutal horror movies of modern time. Poultrygeist, Luther The Geek, etc. Truly an honor.”
Check after the jump to see Lloyd Kaufman looking suspiciously like me first thing in the morning.



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