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Complete Your J-Horror Collection with ‘Kyôfu’



For those of you keeping up with the J-Horror Theater, the sixth film in the franchise is gearing up for release this July in Japan. While no details are available, Hiroshi Takahashi’s Kyôfu taps into the old J-Horror imagery of creepy girls with long black hair. The official website has been launched and the first batch of creepy images found their way online. Dig on ’em below. The five previous movies in the J-Horror Theater are: Hideo Nakata’s Kaidan, Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Retribution, Takashi Shimizu’s Reincarnation, Norio Tsuruta’s Premonition, and Masayuki Ochiai’s Infection. I think it’s time to say Sayounara (さようなら).


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