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Lussier Talks Old ‘Halloween 3’ Plans, Cage Says ‘Drive Angry’ is Supernatural

We’ve got an interesting mix-mash of news both coming from the world of Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer. As most of you should already know, before moving forward on their 3-D action revenge flick Drive Angry, the My Bloody Valentine duo were originally working on Dimension Films’ Halloween 3D. With new rumors circulating on the web (thanks to a fake Twitter account), Lussier speaks with a bit of hesitation on Michael Myers’ latest trip to Haddonfield. On the other spectrum, Drive Angry star Nicolas Cage reveals that this bloody revenge flick might actual be “supernatural”. Read on for the skinny on both.
With his focus on Summit Entertainment’s Drive Angry 3D, director Patrick Lussier talked briefly with MTV about Halloween 3D, which was nixed late last year. Could it still go later this year?

That’ll all depend on Dimension Films and timing,” Lussier told MTV adding a bit about the story they (both Todd Farmer and himself) had planned. “The film that we wrote took place, like, the next frame after Rob’s ‘Halloween II’ ended and immediately went into stripping Michael Myers back to his John Carpenter roots…That’s what we did very quickly. And then you pick up the story a year later as Halloween rolls around again. Everybody’s back in the fray. That was our goal.

Would he return? “If things were to work out,” he said, trailing off. “Right now, my focus is on Drive Angry.

Speaking of Drive Angry, star Nicolas Cage revealed this whopper to MTV at the WonderCon this past weekend.

“Drive Angry is also another foray into the supernatural,” Cage said of what attracted him to project, revealing a ghostly element of the story line that is being kept largely under wraps. “There’s a supernatural element to it as well, which is keeping with what my interests are right now.

Speaking of his character, Cage wanted to finally do away with his silly hair.

Originally I was going to shave my head and tattoo my scalp,” Cage explained of his new look. “But the producer didn’t want me to do that. So then I decided that I was gonna [embrace] the Celtic roots on the other side of my family. So I dyed the hair lighter because I think that’s what the character should look like.

You can watch that full interview below.



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