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Rumor Control: Lady Gaga, Ashley Tisdale NOT in ‘Final Destination 5’

A completely idiotic RUMOR has been circulating on the web all morning and I was kinda hoping it would go away. Instead I find myself writing this pointless news story just to inform you that a story posted by Glamour Vanity and TMZ is complete and utter horse sh*t. Lady GaGa and Ashley Tisdale will NOT be starring in the fifth Final Destination. We have contacted the franchise producers who had laugh with us over the rumor, especially considering there is no script yet. When, and if a fifth film were to ever get made, it will be in 3-D. That’s the ONLY fact right now. Watch Bloody Disgusting for all of your confirmed and official horror news.
On a positive note, yum.

Lady GaGa



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