Web: Babelgum Premieres Online Web Series 'Vamped Out' on April 12 - Bloody Disgusting!

Web: Babelgum Premieres Online Web Series ‘Vamped Out’ on April 12

Premiering April 12 only at Babelgum is Kevin Pollak’s new web comedy show called Vamped Out, a weekly series taken from a documentary by award-winning filmmaker Elliot Finke (Pollak). During the spring and summer of 2009, Elliot shot what he believed was the first documentary of an actual vampire. While in post-production, he went missing. The series follows a modern day 35-year-old struggling actor/Vampire (Antoon) trying to make a living in Los Angeles. Pollak follows the Vampire as he continuously gets rejected for the role he was literally born to play. Watch for the first trailer soon.