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‘Preacher’ Writer’s Post-Apocalyptic Plague ‘Crossed’ Getting Adapted!

Kick-Ass is about to help new comics get pushed onto the big screen as Ken F. Levin has enlisted Michael De Luca, Jason Netter and Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Prods. to help independently finance and produce an adaptation of Garth Ennis’ (“Preacher”) apocalyptic horror comicbook series Crossed before shopping it to distributors. “Crossed” is published by Avatar Press and drawn by Jacen Burrows. Ennis has penned a version of the script that is being shown to directors. The story follows survivors dealing with a zombie-like plague that causes it victims to carry out their most evil thoughts and wishes, including murder, rape, mutilation, arson, etc…
…Carriers of the virus are known as the Crossed since a cross-like rash appears on their faces. This contagion is primarily spread through bite wounds and rape, assuming that the victim doesn’t die first, but can be spread by any bodily fluid, which the Crossed have used to great effect by treating their weapons with their fluids. It does not appear to affect animals in any way.



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